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 Hello friends, your best friend is Nidi. I was very naughty since childhood and was very dear to everyone. My childhood was spent in a village in Gujarat. I was weak in studies from the beginning. I did not feel like studying at all. I used to spend more time with my friend than studies I used to leave home for school but I used to spend all my time walking with my friend. My life was going very well. But one day my father saw me walking in the forest with my friend. It was the first time that I was beaten up. Stopped me from going to school but it didn’t last for a long time. But there was no difference in my life. I started going out with my friend, now started doing more mischief than before. Anyone does dirty things with us. I beat him well and ran away. Now this had become my daily work. I started getting complaints every day to my father. I was getting beaten up everyday too. I feel very angry and run away from home. But I never had the courage. One day I left school and went for a walk without a friend. I don’t know when I came to the forest while roaming . When I looked back and saw that no one was visible far and wide. I was scared for the first time, something wrong is going to happen today. In a while, a car stopped near me. There was a handsome boy in it. He I asked where are you going? I told him the address of my house. He said I am also going to that side, I will drop you near your house. I sat in the car. After a while I saw that boy is taking me to the dense forest. He stopped the car before I asked anything. Kar came and sat beside me and started abusing me. Even after I protested a lot, he did not agree, he took off my clothes and did what was not supposed to happen to me. Now blood was coming out of my vagina, he asked me to clean it Gave clothes for him and put on his clothes. I also put on my clothes and he drove the car, started threatening me on the way, if I told anything to anyone, he would kill me. I was in a bit of pain. But to be honest, I was not going to tell anything to anyone. It was fun.

Let’s know the beautiful beginning of my first love.


I did not know when I became young. Now my mind did not feel in doll games. There was some incompleteness in my life. My mind started getting more attracted towards young boys. When I had sex for the first time. Then My mind is eager for romance. I always think that I should also have a male friend. God listened to me very quickly. A handsome boy enrolled in college. He was very handsome to see. I used to come with different bikes everyday. I started getting attracted towards him very soon. He also used to hide and watch me. I was just waiting for the day when he would propose me. But he only looked at me. Sometime After Valentine’s Day came, everyone brought expensive gifts for their girlfriend. But today there was no trace of the boy whom I was waiting for. Now it was evening, everyone started going out of college. I went out to go, that boy came from the front. He asked me can you walk with me? I also turned back and asked where to go. He said I will come back shortly. I didn’t ask anything else. I went with him on his bike. He took me to a hotel room. I was scared. Take it away. He had decorated the room well. And after going there he told me his heart, I was very happy today. Now we started meeting like this every day. But this did not last long and my love was eclipsed . College studies were over. Now it was time for everyone to go home. Well, both of us also left after promising to meet and talk to each other. I did not know that I was talking for the last time. After that Till today we have never met and never talked.

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 After my separation from my boyfriend, I started feeling sad. I could not feel anywhere. After a few days, there was talk of marriage in the house. I started feeling happy in my heart, I will start a new romantic life. I left home after getting married. I had written something else in my luck. My husband stayed with me for a few days, and then he went to another city. I was left alone. Now this was not the story of a day. Was waiting to come. He would come in many days and leave in the morning. A friend of mine from my neighborhood understood this. She came to me and told me about Mumbai escorts agency. I went to the agency with her the next day and joined.

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